We are professional in service bandsaw, saw blade and cutting tools especially in service Bandsaw Blade & Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) Cutting Tools. Our sharpening workshop complete with full range of highest technology grinding machine to provide more precision quality service, repair and grinding saw blades to meet all tooth geometry required.

Our Company Provides

  • Services for Bandsaw Blade , TCT cutting tools and etc.
  • New cutting tools for wood, aluminum, metal, plastic and etc.
  • Trading in New / Recondition / Repair Machinery
Sales service assured for prompt and reliable. Enquirers are welcomed.

Our Services

Our company provides service in grinding (top / face), jointing, balancing, re-tipping, recondition & repair, re-sharpening, side dressing, tension, welding for various knives.

  • Bandsaw Blade
  • Finger Joint Cutter
  • TCT Circular Saw Blade
  • Narrow Bandsaw Blade
  • TCT Router Bit / Solid Cutter Bit
  • TCT Profile Solid Cutter
  • TCT or HSS Thin Planer Knife
  • Turnover Knife
  • Boring Bit / Drill Bit
  • Metal Cutting Bandsaw / Bi metal Bandsaw
  • Chainsaw
  • Cuttersaw
  • Holesaw
For unlisted service, kindly contact with our salesperson in order to assist you.


  • FTG - Flat Top Grind
  • RA - Flat Top With Tapered Side
  • CA - All Right Hand Direction With Top Bevel
  • DA - All Left Hand Direction With Top Bevel
  • ATB - Alternate Top Bevel Grind
  • TC - Triple Chip
  • DTC - Alternate Different Size Triple Chip
  • FTB - Flat & Top Bevel Grind
  • TCG - Triple Chip & Flat Grind
  • PD - Alternate Top Bevel With ChamFer
  • FLRT - Flat & Left Right Top Bevel
Business Hours


  • 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM